Irrational Act – Erratic Behaviour [FULL EP]


This is the stream of the new Irrational Act EP – Erratic Behaviour. You can download this EP for free/donations by going to


Steel City Punkcast


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This is the Steel City Punkcast. It is a 20 minute audio podcast published twice per month. I make and host this mainly for fun, but also to try and give people a glimpse into what we have to offer as a music scene.

I generally try and play local unsigned bands, but I also play bigger bands from further afield who are going to be playing in Sheffield. I am always looking for new bands to play so get in touch!

You can stream all the shows in the player above, but I would also recommend going to the Steel City Punkcast website to get the full show notes and links to all sorts of good stuff!

Irrational Act – Expect Us [EP]


This is my current band, Irrational Act. We have been playing for around 18 months and this is our first recording.

It is a 6 track EP recorded in around 8 hours at Practise Sheffield. I then went away and finished the overdubs, editing, mixing, sampling and mastering myself. We then printed a limited edition of 50 CD’s, which have now sold out.

You can stream the whole thing in the video, or you can download it for free on the link below:

If you wanna find out anything about Irrational Act, you can check out our website, or you can also find us on FB and Twitter.

5FD – Terror For Everyone [ALBUM]


My first venture into music was starting a pop punk band. This was pretty normal behaviour around the turn of the century. Got a couple of friends together, wrote some songs, played some gigs and made some new friends.

We occasionally recorded things too. This is one of those things. This was our only full length album and we self released this.

I hope you like it!